CPAP Dependence

Early Saturday morning, my CPAP machine woke me up. It was making a high-pitched whirring noise. Groggily, I unplugged it so it would reboot.

When it was ready, I turned it back on. Still noisy. I took the air hose out and plugged it back in. No improvement. I slid the water tank out and slid it back in. Slight improvement. I tried it again, and the slight improvement vanished. I gave up and went back to sleep, without the CPAP.

I estimate I’d had four to five hours with the fully functional CPAP. It was a little harder to wake up than usual but I felt more or less ok.

I work from 8:30-1:00 on Saturdays. I didn’t feel quite as sharp at work, and I was tired when I came home. I fell asleep reading in the afternoon.

Later in the evening, I was writing. Ed asked me If I’d figured out what was wrong with the CPAP. I said I’d look at it when I finished what I was working on.

When I finally gave it my attention, I discovered the whirring was louder. For a moment, I thought I’d solved the problem when I took a coaster and an earplug out from underneath the machine. The newly level surface seemed to reduce the whirring for a few seconds but then it was loud again.

I decided I wasn’t going to be able to fix it, and went to sleep without it. Boy, now I feel awful. I struggled to wake up. I’m groggy and my eye is twitching. I need to call the company that provides the machine. I need to figure out if they are open on Sundays. I need to find the paperwork with my account information.

Mostly, I want to go back to sleep.

5 thoughts on “CPAP Dependence

  1. I’m really interested in your descriptions of how much effect missing your CPAP time has on you. Having a few relatives who use one, I wondered how helpful they are. You show vividly that you really do need yours!


  2. Sorry for your frustration. I guess you know now how helpful the machine is. There are times that I think I can eat something that I know will cause a problem and then I realize that, ‘Yes, I really can’t eat that.” Bodies are so tempermental, but thank goodness we have current technology to help us out. Hope your machine gets fixed today!


  3. It feels like you were in a no-win situation when waiting for it to reboot. And then, sleeping without it makes you feel worse. UGH. I’m sorry that this happened and hope you can get your CPAP machine fixed soon!


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