Cross and Resentful

Many years ago, when I worked at the elementary level, I loved to read the book “The Great White Man Eating Shark” by Margaret Mahy to the children. It’s a good story, but it also works as a mentor text for rhythm and word choice. One of my favorite sentences in the story is, “This made him cross and resentful.”

Those two adjectives together perfectly describe a particular mood. When you say them aloud, they pack more punch than other words that mean more or less the same thing, for example cranky and indignant.

Sometimes, I’ll notice that I am not feeling great, and I will ask myself what’s going on. I find it helpful to name the feeling—scared, sad, overwhelmed, whatever—rather than just muck about feeling bad.

Occasionally, I will say to myself, “I am cross and resentful.”

That’s where I find myself tonight. Cross and resentful. It’s not a good look.

I have wet clothes in the washer. Most of them I can’t put in the dryer. I am going to deal with those clothes and then I am going to get ready for bed.

Some days I just have to cut my losses.

4 thoughts on “Cross and Resentful

  1. Goodness, you are 24/7 teacher! I love this. “I am cross and resentful”… where to begin? The writing is right on. The way you set this up and explained it is brilliant. And the thoughtful expansion of the meaning of those words together is really something. Made me think of all the times I’ve not been mad but actually cross & resentful. I can think of one particular person in my life right now that needs to read this. Great slice! Hope you get to bed soon 🙂


  2. This reminds me of Thomas the Train because Percy was always “cross.” That is such an awesome line and I love that it has become/serves as an inside joke for yourself. I can almost see you smiling in spite of everything once you have referenced it. Loved reading this…


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