There Was Something I Wanted to Say

My mind was ping-ping-pinging with lots of thoughts, some of them about Seuss Enterprises and children’s literature scholarship.

The news outlets have been interviewing that one scholar in Kansas, and he, of course did write the book on Seuss and race, but it sure would be nice if they’d talk to someone else, too.

I had some thoughts I wanted to write down, but I was thirsty, and while I was in the kitchen I thought I should take my medicine. Often, I forget to take it until I’m already under the covers and half asleep. I took the Allegra and the Singulair, and felt so clever until I remembered a few later that I had wanted to make a note of some of those thoughts and I wanted to write a Slice.

The thoughts that were so insistent are slipping away. No more pinging, now, just kind of swaying.

I will try again tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “There Was Something I Wanted to Say

  1. If I don’t write down a thought immediately, it never comes back! I relate so much to the ping-pinging of thoughts in my mind.


  2. I also have thoughts tht feel passion-fueled leave unexpectedly…like wasn’t I just getting ready to tackle that topic?!?!!! Where did those thoughts go?!?!! Like you, it’s often left to “maybe tomorrow.”


  3. I like how you describe the thoughts as pinging in the beginning and swaying at the end. This happens to me more often than I care to admit. I hope today those thoughts start pinging for you again!


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