Thirtieth Slice: Old Friend


playing little people/checking out the trash after it had been compacted/juggling underwear/Scrabbleplayin/letter writing/rock show loving/the battleship collage making/staying up too late/getting shushed by parents/hanging out in all night restaurants/wandering around mass-merchandisers/hanging out in the dorm/listening to records/far away/hanging out in bars/record store visiting/breakup coping/wedding celebrating/Big Lots visiting/lobster costume wearing/Mary Tyler Moore fan/E.T. Watching/Joy Division introducing/No wasted guacamole shouting/yellow house dwelling/Krispy Kreme eating/laughing too loudly /ready to go back to first grade/gallows humor employing/karaoke-singing


5 thoughts on “Thirtieth Slice: Old Friend

  1. I LOVE the way you organized your post! I kept reading, wondering what was to come, what was the message, why did you write it this way? Then at the end it occurred to me, this is the way it feels in your head somedays.
    I will be borrowing this format!


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