Twenty-Eighth Slice: Rest Stop

I’m taking half of my spring break to visit my parents.  The worst part of visiting my parents is the drive.  Seven hours is about average.  I invited my niece to come with me but she is working.  My husband is taking the second half of the week off, but needs to work the first.  So I am making the trip solo.

The first hundred miles are generally the worst and today was no exception.  My phone kept encouraging detour after detour, which I gamely followed but I’m not sure any of them actually helped.

When I was a kid, my dad would talk about making good time.  I think that is in the dad handbook, that particular phrase.  I was making terrible time for the first few hours of the trip.  

I pulled out of a traffic jam and got some gas.  Some Girl Scouts were outside selling cookies in the cold and the wind.  I intended to donate a dollar like I usually do, and tell them I already bought, which was true, but I ended up buying two boxes.  I put them in the trunk to prevent myself from eating them on the ride.

Finally I left the sprawl of the region I call home and the road started to open up a bit.

I got the migraine eye twinge about thirty miles north of the state line.  I stopped at a truck stop and took an Imitrex and a Tagalog.  I  could not add an Anaprox because I had already taken one earlier in the day.  I kept going.

But then two hours later, I felt worse.  I pulled into a rest stop and took the Anaprox.  I emailed my mom–she hates texts–to let her know I would be delayed and rested in the car for about 20 minutes.

I got back on the road.  A couple of hours later I saw I had voice mail from my parents.  I stopped to listen to it.  It was my Dad, panicked about my driving with a migraine.  I called home to tell my parents not to worry.  My mother answered the phone, and even though I fully intended to tell her I could finish the drive, I am sitting here at the rest stop waiting for my parents to pick me up.

It is nice to be so loved and cherished.

3 thoughts on “Twenty-Eighth Slice: Rest Stop

  1. It is so nice to be loved and cherished! I love your comment about “making good time” being in the dad handbook! Migraines are the worst. Hope you enjoy your time with the ones who love and cherish you!


  2. Your title made me think of a seventh inning stretch at a baseball game; then I realized it was literally a rest stop that set the scene for your slice. Your long sentences add to the effect of the length of the drive.


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