Twenty-Sixth Slice:  True Things About Today

1) I arrived at school at 7:20.  There was a student waiting to use the library.   I let her follow me in, ten minutes before the official opening time, and she seemed unduly surprised and pleased.

2) Two other students helped me set up a section of the library for the March Madness Mini Hoops Shooting Contest in the library at 8:15.

3) Throwing a ping pong ball through a small hoop is much harder than it looks.  The winner of the contest made ten baskets in thirty seconds.  Most contestants scored zero to two.

4) A student checked out a book I book talked.   The class only has a few students in it, and it is a class for students who need additional help with reading.  I am trying especially hard to get them to read nonfiction.  I’m always happy when one of them wants to check something out.  It was the memoir by Cleveland kidnapping survivor Michelle Knight.

5) I book talked a book on D-Day.  For yesterday’s classes I used an atlas but I forgot it for the class today and didn’t want to stop the class to run and get it so I modeled Europe with my hand.  No one wanted that book.

6) Yet again, we did not start the inventory.

7) The guidance department had a huge career fair.  The CIA was the most popular table.

8) I described myself as a word person to another teacher and he thought I was talking about Microsoft Word.  

9) I stopped at the new Aldi and found it to be like grocery shopping in another country.   I got a free reusable shopping bag and bought a lot of off-brand food for $35.

10) I am grateful for Naproxen.  The headache I had when I started this post is just about gone.

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