Sixteenth Slice: Paris

Today I booked an apartment for my sister, my mother and my nephew for eight nights in June in Paris.  

I knew I had become the family travel planner some time ago.  It is new that I am planning trips I am not going to be taking.

I wrote the landlord to ask about the booking.

Dear Jean-Paul,

I would like to book your apartment for my sister, a physician; my mother, a retired librarian; and my 18-year old nephew.  My nephew has studied French since he was a little boy, and he is a quiet and respectful boy–he is the type who would go on vacation with his aunt and his grandmother!  My nephew has longed to go to Paris since he was a child, and my mother and sister have decided to take him in June.  My sister and mother are experienced travelers and responsible people.  They will treat your place with care.

My mother is very fit for her age, but I like that the building has an elevator for most of the flights.  The location is great and it looks lovely.

I will not be joining them on this trip.  Is it okay if I request the booking or must my sister do it herself?


I may have included the ages of my mother and sister, just to further convey their maturity and respectability.  I did not mention that my nephew has longed to go to France primarily to eat desserts.

The landlord wrote back that he would be delighted to welcome them–and really, who wouldn’t?–and that it was fine for me to handle the booking.

I don’t think there are too many jobs left for travel agents, but maybe in retirement I can have a career in some aspect of the travel industry.  I don’t know if anyone would actually pay me to sniff out well-situated, high-value accommodation, but it is a skill that seems like it should translate into something marketable.   Perhaps  I coul be a Jean-Paul, live in some fabulous city, and supplement my pension managing a short term rental or two.  My husband and I could be a team– he could put his excellent handyman skills to use, and I could deal with the people.

Is it bad that I’m planning the jobs we will have in retirement?  

3 thoughts on “Sixteenth Slice: Paris

  1. I’d hire you to plan a trip to Paris for me! Now, we just need to find someone to pay for the trip itself! 😉 it sounds like a handy skill you have!


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