Twelfth Slice: The Coat

My sister can be a bad influence.

I came home from work today–it was a long day–and opened the hall closet to hang my coat.  There was a Talbots garment bag crumpled on the closet floor.  Inside was the beautiful black dress coat my sister encouraged me to buy.

I picked it up, located the hanger, shook it out and hung it back on the rack.  To be fair to my sister, it is a beautiful coat and it was drastically reduced.  I don’t remember what I paid for it, but I know it wasn’t a lot.  We were out shopping shortly after Christmas.  I remember it was in the town where my parents currently live, but since they have been there over 20 years and since my sister and I usually spend Christmas with them, that doesn’t  narrow it down much.  I would guess that I bought the coat five years ago, at least.  I don’t know if I can even still fit into it.

I don’t need a dress coat.  It’s not that I never get dressed up, but it is rare, and when I do, my black wool overcoat is sufficient.  I don’t know where I thought  I would be going that I could get away with, much less need, a special formal coat.

I have never worn the coat.  Maybe I keep it in the hopes that someday I will have somewhere special to wear it.  Maybe I keep it to remind myself that if I’m eying something impractical, and I’m having second thoughts, I shouldn’t listen to my sister.

4 thoughts on “Twelfth Slice: The Coat

  1. Robin’s comment makes me laugh. Maybe the two of you should find a fancy place you can go for the evening so you can wear the coat. Maybe your sister can buy dinner? ;o)


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